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2 new PhD positions in tungsten-enzyme research

Updated: Jun 6

Thanks to the generosity of the National Center of Science we have two Ph.D. positions waiting for candidates.

The project title is "Tungsten aldehyde oxidoreductase - a novel hydrogenase. Studies of reaction mechanism and potential biocatalytic applications" and it aims at elucidation of hydrogenase side-activity of tungsten aldehyde oxidoreductase by a combination of experimental and theoretical techniques as well as finding biotechnological application of the enzyme in cascade enzymatic synthesis of valuable organic compounds.

As a result, two PhD positions in KISD PhD School are available with the following topics of the research project:

A scientific stipend from an NCN grant (4500 PLN) will buff up the PhD stipend (netto 3077 PLN at I-II year of PhD School, 4739 PLN at III-IV year). We are looking for PhD candidates ready for international mobility and with good English skills as the project is conducted in collaboration with international partners.

If you are interested please contact

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