PHA-Tech-Mat - "Vegetable oil biorefining for the production of advanced composite materials"


Maciej Guzik, PhD

Project Leader

Olga Zastawny, MSc

PhD Student

Adam Kaczmarski


Tomasz Witko.jpg

Tomasz Witko, PhD

Scientist with PhD


Adam Szeligowski, MSc, Eng


Construction of a prototype demonstration line for PHAs production

First part of the PHA-Tech-Mat project is to design, create and validate a prototype of a mobile demonstartion line - biorefinery for production of two types of PHA biopolymers.

Production of utility forms from PHA through spatial molding

The final stage of the project envisages testing of the chosen functionalised PHAs in vivo. We will proceed with an animal model in order to assess the effectiveness of novel biomaterials in wound healing.

Presentation of the potential role of polymers in the development of the Polish economy

Once we will establish the production process and describe phiscal properties of the novel materials, we will start biological tests. The novel functionalised materials will be characterized in vitro for their biocompatibility with chosen cell lines appropriate for their future applications. In parallel we will conduct test in order to descibe antibacterial properties of the novel functionalised PHAs.


PROJECT TMS "Vegetable oil biorefining for the production of advanced composite materials" is sponsored by the Polish National Centre for Research and Developement 

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