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Biochemical equipment


  • Biostat A fermentation station (2x5L) (Sartorious stedim)

  • 2x5L fermentor (Control flow)

  • Incubator with a temperature regulator and shaker (Binder)

  • MaxQ ™ 6000 Thermo Scientific ™ shaker incubator (2x)

  • Shaking incubator New Brunswick Excella E24R

  • Two incubated shakers LabCampanion (ISS-4075R)

  • Autoclave Tuttnauer D-line 5075 ELV

  • Sonics Vibra-Cell VCX500 ultrasonic disintegrator

  • High-pressure laboratory homogenizer EmulsiFlex-C3 (Avestin)

  • Preparative centrifuge Hettich RotoSilenta 630 RS - 6 x 1L


Protein purification:

  • Cold room laboratory for biochemical investigations 

  • Anaerobic glove-box for protein purification

  • Liquid chromatograph FPLC AKTApurifier UPC 10 with UPC-900 UV detector and fraction collector (in anaerobic glove-box)

  • Liquid preparative chromatograph FPLC NGC Quest 10 Plus system (Biorad)

  • Liquid chromatograph GE AKTA Start

  • Ultracentrifuges with a set of rotors (Beckman)

  • High-speed centrifuge Hermle Z36HK

  • Vacuum sample concentrator (Labconco-USA)

  • Freeze dryer (Labconco-USA)

  • Deep freezers of IPP PAS (-70°C)

  • Ultra-low Freezer PLATINUM Next V -86°C



  • HPLC with detection:

    • UV-Vis (200-800 nm),

    • fluorescence (200-800 nm)

    • electrochemical (COULOCHEM II).

  • Agilent 1100 VL LC-MS with:

    • DAD detector,

    • Electrospray Ionization,

    • Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization.

  • Chromatograph with UV-VIS detector (Shimadzu) for GPC

  • Agilent 1290 Infinity UHPLC with 6460 Triple Quad MS/MS detector​ (QQQ)

    • DAD detector,

    • Electrospray Ionization,

    • Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization.

  • Capillary electrophoresis apparatus with DAD detection (Hewlett Packard)

  • Gas chromatograph Varian CP-3800 with TCD and FID 

  • Bio-Rad gel electrophoresis system for proteins and DNA

  • SUBMINI for fast DNA electrophoresis

  • Baker Solid Phase Extraction chamber

  • CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System

  • Microscope Olympus SZX10

Biophysical equipment

  • UV/Vis spectrophotometers with thermostatic measuring chambers:

    • Spectrophotometer UV/vis Shimadzu UV-1280 with Peltier thermostatic in the anaerobic chamber

    • Spectrophotometer UV/vis Shimadzu UV-2700 with Peltier thermostatic and RX 2000 stopped-flow module (Photophysics)

    • Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer (BioTek Instruments)

  • CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System

  • Isothermal Titration Calorimeter - Thermal Activity Monitor (TAM III, Thermometric) with:

    • 4 ml Ampule Micro Calorimetric Unit,

    • 4 ml Combined Twin Ampule/Flow/Mix Micro Calorimetric Unit,

    • 4 ml Perfusion/Titration Ampule,


Computer modeling facilities

  • Access to CYFRONET supercomputer center - PL-GRID supercomputers - calculation in Gaussian 2016, Turbomole, Amber, etc. 

  • Two computer clusters consisting of servers with multiple-core AMD Opteron processors (+ NVIDIA CUDA GPU)

    • ​Gaussian 09,

    • Jaguar,

    • Molcas Programs for classical simulations: Amber, NAMD2, AutoDock, Modeller

  • Dynochem software package for bioprocess modeling and scaling (Scale-Up Systems)​

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