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Call for Assistant Professor position in the group of Theoretical and Experimental Biocatalysis

The candidates who meet the conditions stated in the act “Ustawa o Polskiej Akademii Nauk” dated 30 April 2010 (Dz.U. 2018 poz. 1475 z póź. zm.), art 89. Ust. 3 for the position of assistant professor (adjunct) are encouraged to apply for the position. In the "Theoretical and Experimental Biocatalysis" group, intensive research is conducted on the synthesis and applications of bacterial polymers - polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) as part of the development of new ideas related to modern biorefining. Bacterial fermentation strategies are being developed to valorise biomass-derived substrates. In addition, new applications for the obtained polymers in medicine and the wider industry are sought.

The Candidate's work will be carried out in the following topics:

  • synthesis of bacterial polymers from the PHA group under controlled conditions; including optimisation of bioprocess yields.

  • development of a scale-up process for the synthesis of bacterial PHAs

  • description of the physical properties of polymers at the micro- and macro-scale.

  • in vitro characterisation of new polymeric materials for their biocompatibility with eukaryotic cells.

  • the search for pathways to commercialise the produced PHA polymers.

In particular, the Candidate will be responsible for:

  • Conducting research work in accordance with the Institute's profile, in particular on issues of bacterial fermentations.

  • Planning and analysis of experimental results and preparation of publications.

  • Submitting proposals for research projects.

  • Searching for partners for commercialisation of developed technologies.

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