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Making of... demo-biorefinery

Finally, our equipment for bacteria cultivation is being deployed. The installation is a result of the National Centre for Research and Development Techmatstrateg project led by dr Maciej Guzik and will be used to cultivate bacteria that synthesize bioplastics.

The heart of the installation is the fermentation center, which will comprise of double 5 L fermenter, 30 L fermenter and 200 L fermenter (working volumes) with biomass centrifuge and industrial lyophilized.

The dried biomass will be extracted and purified to obtained biodegradable bioplastics. Our Institute will develop those plastics, in cooperation with our scientific and industrial partners, into everyday use products and medical applications.

In the future, the fermentation center will not only be used to demonstrate the industrial capabilities of bioplastic production but will provide a unique to Małopolska region facility for growing bacteria and producing valuable proteins and enzymes.

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