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Open PhD position - structural (XRD) and biochemical studies on selected iron enzymes

We would like to announce an open PhD position in the group of Theoretical and Experimental Biocatalysis, which will be conducted within the NCN project (2022/45/B/ST4/01411).

The aim of the project is to study selected iron enzymes catalyzing cyclization reactions.

This project involves protein expression in E. coli and its purification using affinity chromatography to Ni(II) and molecular filtration. For the purified protein, stationary state enzymatic kinetics measurements will be done, fast kinetics will be tested using the stopped-flow method and the rapid freeze quench technique. In cooperation Mossbauer spectroscopy experiments will be performed. Attempts will be made to crystallize the protein and determine its structure by X-ray diffraction methods. Additionally, we plan time-resolved serial X-ray crystallography measurements (on a synchrotron) in order to learn about the 3D structure of intermediates formed in the active site of the enzyme during the catalytic cycle. The studied enzymes catalyze interesting chemical transformations leading to biologically active compounds.


Working knowledge in protein production and purification, training in biochemical research methods


PhD student will receive a KISD stipend plus an NCN stipend.


Prof. Tomasz Borowski - email

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