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"HYPFLO  - Development of a method for production of bakery products with hypoallergenic properties for persons with intolerance to wheat proteins"


Prof. Andrzej Skoczowski

Project Leader from IPP PAS


Dr Diana Saja-Garbarz

Team Member


Dr Jakub Oliwa

Team member - technician


Prof. Grażyna Podolska

Leader from Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute, Puławy


Witold Hardek

Project Leader from HMH Hardek Mąka Hardek sp.j


Dr Michał Dziurka

Team member


Dr Iwona Stawoska

Team member - volunteer


Prof. Marcin Rapacz

Project Leader from University of Agriculture in Krakow


Robert Tyran

Project Leader from Bakery – Confectionery Tyran


Maciej Mąka

Project Leaders from HMH Hardek Mąka Hardek sp.j

Improvement of the method of producing a specific form of winter wheat (

The first stage of the project is related to the multiplication of seed material and conservative breeding of a specific wheat hybrid genotype It lacks all of the highly allergenic ω-gliadins and some of the α/β fractions. This type of wheat shows reduced allergenic properties while its technological properties significantly increased

hodowla zachowawcza_1.jpeg

Limiting the immunoreactivity of gluten proteins by technological modification of grain.
Testing the composition and immunoreactivity of proteins.

The wheat kernels will also undergo a specific technological modification based on malting, to reduce the allergenicity of glutenin proteins. The target group of recipients of hypoallergenic bread will be people allergic to wheat proteins, followed by all consumers of bread. Elaboration of procedures for hypoallergenic breadstuff production and initiate of the production on a semi-industrial scale will be the final results of the project.


Project partners

List of project partners:

  1. The University of Agriculture in Krakow

  2. The Franciszek Górski Institute of Plant Physiology Polish Academy of Sciences

  3. HMH Hardek Mąka Hardek Sp. J., Confectionery Wadowice

  4. Bakery - Confectionery Tyran

  5. Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation, State Research Institute, Puławy 

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Optimization of the soil fertilization model

Different doses of sulfur and nitrogen fertilization will be tested in order to optimize the fertilization model. The development of a soil fertilization method allows to reduce the level of allergenic proteins for the line without decreasing baking quality.

Optymalizacja nawożenia.jpeg


Project “Development of a method for production of bakery products with hypoallergenic properties for persons with intolerance to wheat proteins”  is sponsored by the Polish National Centre for Research and Developement ; POIR.04.01.04-00-0051/18-00

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