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Farewell Ivana

Today we say farewell to Ivana Aleksić, who is flying back from Kraków to Belgrade after 17 months of post-dock in our group conducting the Beethoven Life project.

I hope she learnt as much as she could conducting our extremely demanding (and a bit jinxed) project.

I have also learnt a lot from Ivana - mostly about how you can put the project in distress back on track and the rigorous way of managing projects under pressure.

She was invaluable in finding unseen pitfalls of our research and in making us meet every week with our German partners in seminars. And finally, she was a wonderful friend and supervisor to my PhD student, Gabriela.

For all this, I would like to express my gratitude, Ivana.

I will try to repay for what you gave us in the usual way the PI can - that is in good papers to come :).

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